Thursday, October 19, 2017

Morning TV - Get It Right

Watching bands develop is something special. A couple years ago Sydney pop-punk outfit Morning TV were doing their lo-fi-bed-room-recording thang. It was cool but listening to how their songwriting and production has improved 10 fold today - well, it's a beautiful thing. They have a new EP 'Sun' coming out this November and will be playing a bunch of shows down the east coast. Get amongst it!


Wed 1st Nov - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Fri 3rd Nov - Phoenix, Canberra
Sat 4th Nov - Blackbear Lodge, Brisbane
Fri 10th Nov - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney
Sat 11th Nov - Yah Yah's, Melbourne

Monday, October 9, 2017

High Tropics - Better Days

I'm a sucker for tunes like these. What's not to love? the beat, the guitar, the cool vocals. High Tropics tick all the nostalgic indie boxes with their latest single 'Better Days'

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sun Sap - Miss Behind

Who is Miss Behind? She is just a bit slow/behind the 8 ball? Maybe she is always creeping behind you at gigs? or is it because her behind is something to mention? We really can't speculate. But one thing we do know, is that south-coast rock'n'roll six-piece Sun Sap know how to write a good tune. The harmonics, the swagger, the flow. This song keeps on rolling. Hit repeat and then some. You can check out their new video here and see them in the flesh below.


Wed 4 Oct – Rad, Wollongong w/ Julia Why?
Sat 14 Oct – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ The Owls
Fri 27 Oct – Rad, Wollongong w/ The Ruiins
Thu 9 Nov – Rad, Wollongong w/ Heart Beach