Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sun Sap - Mexico

You might remember a band back in 2014 called The Jones Rival. We covered their last single 'Uncle Frank' on SPK. After that release, they disappeared. We heard nothing. Zero. Zip. It's no surprise, bands come and go like flies on meat pies. So when we found out they recently reformed, we got excited. The story goes, some of the band took some downtime traveling through the US (for a good part of a year). After returning to our Aussie shores they formed a new group called Sun Sap. It's still hip shaking garage rock but now there is also an extra guitarist and keys to expand their sonic sound. 'Mexico' is their first single and they also released a video which you can view here. Catch them at VISIONS in Sydney next month.

Next Show:

Friday 6th May - VISIONS @ Waywards, Newtwon w/ Phantastic Ferniture + Mount Zamia

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