Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mighty Boys - Dapto Dreaming

Introducing Melbourne outfit Mighty Boys and their single “Dapto Dreaming”. It's an ode to the most infamous racetrack in Australia, a space where many dreams have been had and few have been realized, Dapto Racetrack. It’s not a celebration, but a commiseration. It’s for doggies, the spilled beer on the sandy racetrack, the dizzying heights and earth shattering lows of the punter losing it all – bouncing back – then losing it all again.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sun Sap - Mexico

You might remember a band back in 2014 called The Jones Rival. We covered their last single 'Uncle Frank' on SPK. After that release, they disappeared. We heard nothing. Zero. Zip. It's no surprise, bands come and go like flies on meat pies. So when we found out they recently reformed, we got excited. The story goes, some of the band took some downtime traveling through the US (for a good part of a year). After returning to our Aussie shores they formed a new group called Sun Sap. It's still hip shaking garage rock but now there is also an extra guitarist and keys to expand their sonic sound. 'Mexico' is their first single and they also released a video which you can view here. Catch them at VISIONS in Sydney next month.

Next Show:

Friday 6th May - VISIONS @ Waywards, Newtwon w/ Phantastic Ferniture + Mount Zamia

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Dr Kez sits back in his arm chair and looks vacantly out the starship's window. The ship's chief officer Sophie Treloar or as the crew like to call her 'POPPONGENE' stands at the head of the bridge anxiously awaiting confirmation from the ships captain. 'the vessel must be steering off course' she thinks to herself. 'Do It Girl' shouts Dr Kez. At that moment, Sophie charts a new course west and the ship drifts deeper into outer space. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stay At Home Son - Bluffs and Blocks

Mum, I'm sorry. I know you wanted me to have a better education, a higher-paying job, find the women of my dreams, the one who would change my life. But mum, it's not too late. I'm 21. You called me 'Stay At Home Son'. I've come to terms with this. I've accepted my situation. And music is my ticket to happiness. Here is my debut single ‘Bluffs and Blocks’. Hope you enjoy this mum.

Love your stay at home son

Monday, April 18, 2016

Gregor - Remorse

Cyborg, I'm here to dance with you. Cyborg, don't be afraid. Cyborg, do you have any Remorse? 22 year old Melbourne musician Gregor has just joined the stellar roster at Chapter Music. Last week he released a collection of 14 inquisitive tracks. 'Remorse' is just one of the fantastically bazaar songs found on his debut Thoughts & Faults. Cyborg, you can download this one for free below.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

West Thebarton Brothel Party - Red or White

Two mates enter a bottle'o before the gig: Red or White mate? Struth mate, I don't know, should we get some of that fruity lexia shit? or should we get a cask of that tasty lambrusco? It's the bee's knees. Both are pretty good ey. Let's get both. We're heading to a massive house party after the gig and we'll need all the juice we can get. True brutha, West Thebarton Brothel Party are sick c@#ts. F@#k yea! Can't wait to see those guys live.


Monday April 25 - SA - Groovin' The Moo Festival 
Friday May 6 - Karova Lounge, Ballarat, VIC
Saturday May 7 - Shebeen, Melbourne, VIC
Saturday May 14  - Botany View Hotel, Sydney, NSW 
Saturday May 21 - A Day of Clarity Festival (Exeter Beer Garden) Adelaide, SA

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Jesse Redwing - Crawlin' Up The Walls

No need for washboards and wah wah peddles here ladies and gentlemen. We have the classic rock n roll blues sound of Jesse Redwing . After his fiery first single 'Comin On', new single 'Crawlin' Up The Walls' is accompanied with a grainy DIY video. It's got all the rock moves, all the licks and that devil-may-care attitude from Redwing. It will be sure to make all the girls and boys pull some chicken-like Mick Jagger maneuvers at the single launches later this month.


Friday, 22nd April - Yah Yah’s, Melbourne w/ The Backs + guests 
Sunday (Anzac Day Eve), 24th April - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ The Jim Mitchells + Sun Sap