Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Huntly - We Made It

Dubbing themselves creators of 'future electronic soul music', Huntly is made up of three friends living in Melbourne. The young band have already supported The likes of Oscar Key Sung, Andras Fox & Japanese Wallpaper. New single 'We Made It' is absolutely absorbing. Especially the male/female vocals intertwining. Their debut EP ‘Feel Better or Stop Trying’ is set to be released in May this year and Huntly will launch the single on April 14th at The Gasometer (Melbourne) with support from Mondegreen, Corin and another SPK favourite Squidgenini.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Red Engine Caves - Purple Pam

Huge Zeppelin riffs, pounding drums and classic rock n roll vocals. Who needs anything else? Western Australian band Red Engine Caves go large with their latest single 'Purple Pam'. It's off their second album which is due out sometime mid 2016.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Mere Women - Numb

You're walking down the road, minding your own business when some god dam horse treads on your foot. Let's be honest here, the horse might be a shetland pony but they still weigh a tonne. You wonder how late you'll be for your first date with Marcy (the new punk bird in town) and you also wonder where the hell did this pony come from? Your foots feeling numb but you can't help feeling optimistic about your situation. I mean let's be honest, It's not every day you see a pony. 'Numb' is the new single from Sydney sludge punks Mere Women. You'll find it on a split 7" with Melbourne post-punks Gold Class. It's due out in May via Blackwire Records.

Up Coming Shows

Thursday 24th March - Coloursound Festival 2016, Glebe
Friday 26th March - The Metro Theatre, Sydney,  Supporting Cold War Kids
Thursday 31st March - Union Hotel, Newtown
Saturday 21st May - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne,  w/ Gold Class (7" Launch)
Friday 27th May - Newtown Social Club, Sydney w/ Gold Class (7" Launch)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hedge Fund - Summer's Getting Shorter

Summer is over. Autumn is coming (has come). Now we all wait for the days to get shorter and shorter and watch the leaves start to change colour. Yay, mother nature. I'd rather think about sunshine and the great summer that passed. And what better way than with the new single from Sydney's Hedge Fund 'Summer's Getting Shorter'.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Summer Flake - Wine Won't Wash Away

I was at a mates BBQ the other day and after cheersing the birthday boy I went to take a sip of my freshly poured wine and missed my month by a good inch and wham! I got red wine all over myself and it wasn't even 7pm! I felt like a pretty big tit but luckily I remember seeing this TV show, where someone had the same problem and ended up cooking the tee-shirt in a big pot with a bunch of beetroots. So that's what I did. Now I get to feel warm and fuzzy in my brand new pink tee. And you can feel warm and fuzzy too with the new single from Summer Flake 'Wine Won't Wash Away'. Her new album 'Hello Friends' is out on the 8th April through Rice Is Nice.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Squidgenini - Fire

Immediately activate the building alarm! Melbourne's latest electric girl wonder Squidgenini's new single 'Fire' is literally on fire. Cool as fuck 90's RnB production and smooth vocals make Squidgenini's sound very refreshing in the current Australian music landscape. Be sure to download this one for free below and If you live in Melbourne, be sure to catch her debut live performance next month.

Thursday 14th April - Supporting Huntly, The Gasometer, Collingwood, Melbourne

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Morning TV - Dive

"Dive in!" Richie shouted at me from the bottom of the waterfall. "I don't know if I wanna jump" I hastily replied. "Don't be a pussy Jack!". As Richie yelled some more abuse at me, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Soon after, I took the leap. I didn't want to be a pussy and it was getting mighty hot standing there. When I hit the water below, I had 'Dive' by Sydney surf-pop Morning TV in my head. Tranquil, soothing indie pop with a refreshing summer twist. Their debut EP is due out late April but till then you can download 'Dive' for free below!

Up Coming Shows

Wednesday 23rd March - Strawberry Boogie, Wollongong Uni w/ Capital Coast & Kava Kings 
Saturday 16th April - Shoreshocked Festival, St Leonards Park w/ Art of Sleeping, Hockey Dad, E^ST & More