Saturday, January 30, 2016

S M Jenkins - Mikrowave

I remember when I was a kid and my mum wouldn't allow us to have a microwave. Reheating pasta on the stovetop sucked big time! So one day my dad came home with a microwave that he found on the side of the street. The thing was ridiculous. Besides being 3 times the size of a normal microwave, being super loud and having a crack in the front glass (for all your radioactive goodness seeping out), it only had one dial. At the start of the dial it said '0' and the end of the dial said 'Chicken'. Yep, that's where I spent many afternoons gauging if my lasagna would be 1/2 chicken or 1/4 chicken. Lucky mum had the common sense and threw the thing out one afternoon when no one was home. S M Jenkins is the new side-project from Steve Bourke of Step-Panther and 'Mikrowave' is the tasty first track off his upcoming EP, 'Out There In The Zone'.

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