Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teaser Pony - Champion Fullback

I used to play for Collingwood back in the 1970's, they used to say "That bloke Jack Austin, he goes off like a box of firecrackers!" Now days I spend most of my time going for long walks and sorting though my old Bachelor Magazines. I could have been one of the greatest fullbacks of my generation and now look at me. Anyway, I stumbled upon Teaser Pony's new single 'Champion Fullback' and it reminded me of those good old days. Their new 7" will be available in May through the good folk at Cinnamon Records. And you can catch them live at The Tote in Melbourne this Sunday (19th) for the Renegade Pub Footy League 2015 Season Fundraiser Gig. Fair dinkum.

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