Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kinder - Black And White Burning

Maybe the wind will blow sand over the tracks and you and your horse will never find your way back home. Or maybe some young lads from Melbourne driving across the dessert happen to give you and your beloved Ed a lift. The brainchild of guitarists Ben Maton (Frowning Clouds) and Kieran Daly (Messengers, Hayley Couper, Willow), joined Tom Barlow (Dirt Farmer) on drums and bassist Joe Daly (Messengers, Backyard) to make up new super group Kinder. The band just released their second single ‘Black And White Burning’. It's clever jangly pop that makes you want to buy a horse. You'll find this track on their debut LP ‘Dorigo Rise’ (due to be released sometime in 2015). Yee Ha.

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