Friday, April 24, 2015

Going Swimming - Your Sister

Older sisters are the best. Growing up, my mates sister Mercedes was 4 years older then us. She would buy us booze, drive us places and lie on our behalf. One time she bought us some fine bourbon & coke cans. And my mate Billy told his parents he was going to stay at my house and I told my parents that I was staying at Billy's. We spent that night skating around town, drinking cans and shoving fireworks into anything we could find - mail boxes, toilets, wheelie bins and a rotting pumpkin. Yep, it was a wild and crazy night. Mercedes kept our secret and I don't think I ever thanked her at the time (being 14 and all). So here is a song for you, conveniently titled 'Your Sister' by Melbourne scuzzy garage band Going Swimming.

FRIDAY 25 APRIL - Shebeen, Melbourne VIC supporting Closure In Moscow 
FRIDAY 22 MAY - The Public Bar, Melbourne, VIC (Single Launch)

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