Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Romeo Moon - Afterglow

Romeo Moon are a four piece from Melbourne who make engaging psych rock. Listening to 'Afterglow' I can't help getting lost in the heart felt lyrics and simple guitar strumming. Their art work also conjures up a feeling of unconscious and isolation. If you like what you hear then you will definitely be into the rest of Romeo Moon's EP 'Wander'

Monday, March 30, 2015

Primitive Motion - Golden Light Clinic

Step inside the world of minimalist pop group Primitive Motion. Made up of Brisbane bandmates Sandra Selig and Leighton Craig. The guys released their second full length album 'Pulsating Time Fibre' through Bedroom Suck Records last week. Title single 'Golden Light Clinic' is hauntingly atmosphericI bet Primitive Motion are fans of Angelo Badalamenti's work - the man knows how to create aura. Listening to 'Golden Light Clinic', I can't help fall in love with those shimmering sounds and dreamy vocals.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Harvey - Smith Street Swap Meet

The chorus is big, the guitar hooks are juicy and lead singer Spencer's vocals are on key and meaningful. If you've been following my blog for some time you would know that I'm a big fan of Brisbane psychedelic pop group Morning Harvey. They just released a brand new single titled "Smith Street Swap Meet", from their upcoming five track EP (due out in May).

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hein Cooper - Art Of Escape

Hein Cooper was discovered in a small bar in Sydney and signed to Canadian indie label Indica Records. The young singer songwriter is on the rise to becoming a house hold name. Blending folk, indie and pop elements, Cooper's raw and honest lyrics are the driving force behind his music. Cooper had this to say about his latest single 'The Art of Escape' - "It is a call to all of the wonderful displaced beings I have found in my life and more broadly everybody who feels alone in their own idealistic dreaming". His new EP will be released on April 10, through Indica/MGM Distribution.

Friday March 27 - Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle NSW (Supporting Donovan Frankenreiter) 
Sunday March 29 - Beachcomber Hotel, Toukley NSW (Supporting Donovan Frankenreiter) 
Friday April 3 - Newtown Social Club, Sydney NSW (Supporting Bonjah)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Battlehounds - Visions

Adelaide three piece Battlehounds sound like B.R.M.C and Eagles Of Death Metal had a wild night on the town. Indulging in plenty of booze, sex and debortuary, the guys managed to give birth to a little demon baby called 'Visionsin the wee hours of the morning. Yep, this one's a keeper (free download below).

Saturday 28th March - The Exeter Beer Garden (Afternoon Show), Adelaide, SA
Friday 10th April - World Bar, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 25th April - The Espy Front Bar, Melbourne, VIC

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Dandelion - In The Shadow of Light

One of my favourite Sydney bands has to be The Dandelion. Made up of transgender lady Danatalia de Silver (formally known as Daniel Poulter aka Daniel Darling who lead previous rock groups such as The Dolly Rocker Movement and Kill City Creeps) has teamed up with the foxy lady Stella Rennex on Bass, groovy love child Alison Hobbes on Organ and the dreamy Joshua White on Drums. Their new single 'In The Shadow of Light' is a perfect blend of breezy garage rock and 60's psych-pop.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sydney alternative band NANTES probably listened to a lot of Indie elites like Interpol, Editors, The National and maybe even Max├»mo Park? That said, I bet they also listen to a lot of Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order and Iggy. Their new EP 'LIMBO' is a blend of the new and the old. The lyrics maybe a little gloomy but the laboratory of measured sounds the guys produce on tracks like '7' and 'Reimagine' is spot on. Catch them when they tour the east coast in April.



Monday, March 16, 2015

Baskervillain - Modern Lows

Earlier this year I shared a blues/rock single from Brisbane four piece Baskervillain called 'Walls'. This month the guys released a new EP called 'Modern Lows' which showcases their unique blend of rock ‘n roll, blues, soul and psych pop. My favourite track is 'Modern Lows', with it's classic rock sound, weary vocals and familiar blues harp. The rest of the EP is definitely worth a listen as well! The guys will be touring the east coast this April.


Friday April 3rd - Bar Open, Melbourne, VIC
Wednesday April 8th - Zierholz @ UC, Canberra, ACT
Friday April 10th - The Standard Bowl, Sydney, NSW
Saturday April 11th - The Pier, Port Macquarie, NSW

Friday, March 13, 2015

Waxhead - Walking On Air

Friday's tune comes from Byron Bay’s rock'n'roll royalty, Waxhead. ‘Walking on Air’ is the name of the song and explores themes of "paranoia and miscommunication...". It also features a special cameo from Ian Peres (Wolfmother) playing the hammond organ. The guys will be releasing their forthcoming EP ‘Home’ in the coming months. Cowabunga dudes.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Le Pie - Secrets

Nothing like a good slice of fresh music pie. Today I'm happy to share with you a new solo project from the inner-western suburb of Newtown, Sydney called Le Pie. Her debut single ‘Secrets’ is a glowing slice of indie pop. Gritty guitars, dreamy vocals and the spoken monolog in the middle is almost too perfect. Look out for Le Pie in 2015.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Okenyo - Just A Story

Sydney songstress Okenyo's voice is refreshing as it is beautiful and provoking. ‘Just A Story’ is her new soulful track and is described as "a tongue-in-cheek comment on being suffocated by another’s desire and the rituals of relationships." Her powerful vocal delivery and (if I can be so bold to say) her swagger, make 'Just A Story' a fantastic single. Yep, this young lady has the confidence, sophistication and the cool to go all the way.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Hyla - The Thousands

Zone out with the new single 'The Thousands' from Perth psych band Hyla. This single has layers of heavily fuzzed out guitars and rich smokey vocals to send you running into the enchanted forest, looking for a psychedelic yeti named odyssey. Ow and look out for their debut album which is going to be dropped later this year...

Friday, March 6, 2015

Lurch & Chief - Fading Out

Clocking in just under the three minute mark is Melbourne six piece Lurch & Chief's new single 'Fading Out'. After a couple of listens (on repeat), I could tell why they were recently signed to Mushroom Group's Illusive Sounds (DMA's,Violent Soho, DZ Deathrays). co-vocalist Lilibeth Hall has a truly distinctive voice that echoes well after the song ends.  Look out for their new EP in the coming months.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Crepes - Stages of Fear

The fear of the unknown, fear of flying, fear of intimacy, fear of spiders, fear of clowns, fear of change! Yes people, these are all real fears and with real fear comes great courage and with that courage come bravery and stamina. And with that bravery...wait, I forgot what I'm talking about! Ow yes, the new single 'Stages of Fear' from Melbourne garage darlings Crepes. It's their second single from their forthcoming EP and If you liked their delightful 'Ain't Horrible' you'll love this!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Naked Bodies - Dirty Plate Blues

It's been over six months since I introduced Melbourne band Naked Bodies. The guys have been busy writing their debut album. 'Piranha' is to be released April 3 through MGM. The first single to be lifted from Piranha is called 'Dirty Plate Blues' and just like the title suggests, it's scuzzy blues/rock with icky riffs and sharp vocals. The accompanying video shows them rocking out in a really really filthy kitchen (that said it looks like all share house kitchens I've ever been in!). Look out for Naked Bodies in June, when they will be touring their new LP. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Living Eyes - Put It Back

Right off the bat, new single 'Put It Back' from Geelong misfits The Living Eyes is too short. But who cares, it's a raucously-catchy-punk tune, doused with slick guitar licks and slacker vocals. The dudes have just signed to Flightless and Remote Control Records (tidy) and have their sophomore album 'Living Large' being released this Friday (March 6).  Half recorded with Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows) and mixed by Mikey Young (Total Control & Eddy Current Suppression Ring), this album should be a duesy.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Wesley Fuller - Melvista

Wesley Fuller is a twenty-something year old musician living out of Melbourne, Australia. Last month he released a new song titled 'Melvista'. Recorded at his home studio in Fitzroy North, Wes plays all the instruments and features the guest vocals of Grace Farriss from Sydney band Burn Antares. Watch the video which him and his hip-shaking accomplices made here