Monday, February 23, 2015

Tired Lion - I Don't Think You Like Me

In the mid 90's I was introduced to a bunch of alternate rock groups, primarily thanks to my older sister. Bands like Garbage, Hole, Smashing Pumkins and The Cranberries were all staples in my house hold. I grew up with an appreciation to that 90's grunge sound, loud guitars, raw and honest lyrics. When I heard Perth's Tired Lion and their first single of their upcoming second EP 'I Don't Think You Like Me', I couldn't help feeling nostalgic. Remembering all those times I'd play air guitar, jumping up and down on my bed, listening to Garbage until my mum would run into my room and threaten me with the wooden spoon. Ah, thank god there are bands like Tired Lion in 2015 to remind me of those moments.

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