Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Braves - Seapunk

If your girlfriend has ocean-coloured hair, tattoos of sea animals, a marine tamagotchi, a nose ring and wears tie dye shirts, there is a good chance she belongs to that horrible fashion sub-culture Sea-Punks. Now before you freak out and tell me that her blue/green mouldy hair colour is sexy (which it's not), I would take a closer look at your oceanic fashion friend. She might act like she's enjoying your friends pool party but you never know how devious she may be... WA band Braves just released a new video for single 'Seapunk' (off their new EP Braves) It's feel good lo-fi-surf-pop, reminiscent of Beach Fossils, The Drums, Smith Westerns etc. You can download the whole EP for a very handsome name your price here.

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