Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cochlear Kill - Insomni-Stations

I'm always a sucker for shoe-gaze music which leans more into the dream-pop realm. Bands like Blush ResponseWhite Caves and Fait are some Aussie's who are doing this very well. Another band worth a listen is Melbourne's Cochlear Kill. On November 7th they are releasing a 3 track EP. The third track on the EP is called 'Insomni-Stations'. The song is a melting pot, full of languid vocals, hazy guitars, loops, noises and colossal drum beats. These guys create a wall of sound that you could just about stroke. As they self describe it's "music on the hallucinogenic side of pop."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

New Lovers - I want To Be You Tonight

With the Australian summer just around the corner, Sydney band New Lovers have a new 80's inspired disco banger to keep all the kids partying at the beach till the morning hours. 'I Want To Be You Tonight' is the first single from their forthcoming EP 'Shivers' (due to be released early 2015). If you know what's good for you, head down to their single launch at El Topo Basement in Sydney next Friday the 7th of November. Expect a night of sensual dancing, good times, good music and don't forget to wear your favourite tight-fitting polyester shirt and your loose fitting jacket (with shoulder pads). Schwing.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The High Learys - Clear My Mind

When I first saw a photo of Perth band The High Learys, I knew these guys would be fans of The Kinks, The Zombies & The Hollies. Their dress code says it all - prefect mod hair-do's, Chelsea boots, polka dot shirts, skinny pants and fitted suits. Sure these outfits were all the rage in the summer of 1966 and The High Leary's are a bunch of stylish men but would their music embody the retro sounds of the past? The answer is yes. New single 'Clear My Mind' is a swinging brit-pop number which features the harpsichord, mellotron, flute and that sweet 60's organ. The guys are about to embark on their next european tour in November/December and will play shows in Germany, Spain and the UK - more details here.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Felicity Groom - Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller

Perth native Felicity Groom has just released her second album Hungry Sky. Title single 'Higher, Higher, Taller, Taller' was recorded with special guests Kevin Parker, Jay Watson and Julian Barbagallo from Tame Impala. Groom said "...Kevin Parker adding his mad Aphex twin style beat production in the break down.” Groom creates atmospheric pop music with a dark edge, her soaring angelic vocals and the sleek production elevates her music into new and interesting realms. Hungry Sky is out now through Spinning Top.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Braves - Seapunk

If your girlfriend has ocean-coloured hair, tattoos of sea animals, a marine tamagotchi, a nose ring and wears tie dye shirts, there is a good chance she belongs to that horrible fashion sub-culture Sea-Punks. Now before you freak out and tell me that her blue/green mouldy hair colour is sexy (which it's not), I would take a closer look at your oceanic fashion friend. She might act like she's enjoying your friends pool party but you never know how devious she may be... WA band Braves just released a new video for single 'Seapunk' (off their new EP Braves) It's feel good lo-fi-surf-pop, reminiscent of Beach Fossils, The Drums, Smith Westerns etc. You can download the whole EP for a very handsome name your price here.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Twerps - Back To You

Last week Aussie favourite garage four piece Twerps released their brand new single 'Back To You' off their second album 'Range Anxiety' (due to be released in Oz on January 23 and the rest of the world on the 27th next year). Although opening lyrics "Somebody's out there, he's doing better then me" seem pessimistic, Twerps front man Marty Frawley sings true and with plenty of self-assurance. The keys and guitar on 'Back To You' are also very positive. With plenty of festival and tour announcements coming up for the band, not to mention having just singed to US label Merge Records (home to Arcade Fire, Caribou and Conor Oberst), things are looking on the up for Twerps and I can't wait to hear album number two.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

MAATZI - Bad Pu$$y

I don't normally cover hip hop on Soundproof Kennel, mainly because I find Aussie hip hop repulsive. That said I was sent the new single 'Bad Pu$$y' from Sydney MC/producer MAATZI and I instantly became a fan. It's not your typical Aussie hip hop. Clever yet abstract lyrics fused with some very fresh production make 'Bad Pu$$y' a worthy listen. If you dig what you hear then download this one for free from SC below and watch out for MAATZI's Debut EP 'ADVENTURE BEFORE DEMENTIA' (out via new Sydney label NO GOOD) in the coming months.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

These New South Whales - Mumma's Tit

When I first heard 'Mumma's Tit' from the Sydney garage-punk band These New South Whales, I knew this band weren't writing songs to win the Vanda And Young Songwriting Competition. Instead they write songs about your mumma's tit. And why not? It's probably a nice boob. These guys don't take themselves too seriously. They combine manic riffs, with singalong choruses and have a high energy don't-give-a-fuck attitude which is always a winner. If you are into nipple tape, body building and nunchucks (who isn't?) then check out the video which premiered on Noisey last week. And be sure to catch them live at one of their upcoming shows. 

18 October - The Blurst of Times Festival - Brisbane 
25 October - The Blurst of Times Festival - Sydney 
15 November - Spectrum, Darlinghurst, Sydney w/ Drunk Mums
30 December - NYE on the Hill - Victoria

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So I read that every year 500 million animals are born and bred in factory farms across Australia. It's pretty frightening to think of all those animals being crammed inside giant tin sheds, born to die. The farmers keep these places and their inhuman animal treatment pretty secret, while you and me go about our daily business, eating tasty bacon and egg rolls and sipping our milkshakes without questioning where our food came from? I don't know if Shaky Handz wrote their latest single 'Factory Farm$$$' about the farms but we love their lo-fi punk aesthetic and the bass riff on this one is killer! (whoops I mean dope).

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Friendsters - AWOL

There is nothing better then having a good Friendster. A good friendster will let you smoke their last durry, hold back your hair when you spew in the gutter, lend you a fiver to buy a falafel roll at 3am (when clearly you need to go to bed) and above all a good friendster will stand by your decisions to do whatever you want to do. Heck, if you want to drop out of uni and join a Tammy Wynette covers band, then a good friendster would be happy to tag along and be your roadie. Roberta, Sally & Liam are three Friendsters who have been making music since the end of 09' and their new single 'AWOL' is bittersweet love ballard. Roberta's sleepy vocals drift effortlessly over the drowsy guitar strumming, while Sally's harmonies sooth this lofi lullaby.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Day Ravies - This Side Of The Fence

Indie-darlings Day Ravies are fast becoming one of my favourite Sydney bands. The four members write catchy pop songs with a twist. They blend sweet harmonies, with harsh guitar strokes and vise versa. The drumming is raw and the bass lines are always bouncing. Their new single 'This Side of The Fence' just came out and I bet its going to be a summer hit for months to come. If your in Sydney tonight head down to The Lansdowne Hotel and catch them live. They will be playing with Circular Keys, Bare Grillz and Point Being and it's a FREE show. Winning.

The Ocean Party - Head Down

Australiana lofi magicians The Ocean Party are back their second single 'Head Down' of their fourth album 'Soft Focus' (to be released on October 31 through Spunk Records). The band have dabbled with the production and 'Head Down' sounds a lot cleaner and musically driven then previous single 'Wading In'. The lyrics are true blue and they even manage to throw in a little saxophone solo - genius.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Julia Why? - Just One Night

Sydney's JuliaWhy? are a trio made up of Julia Wylie (singer/guitarist/bassist), Peter Beringer (drums) and Matt Frederickson (guitarist/bassist). Between Julia and Peter they play in a bunch of sweet lo-fi bands - Snotty Babies, The Cathys, King Tears Mortuary to name a few. Recently they won a comp and had some talented film students make them a video for their new single 'Just One Night', off their new EP 'Wheel' (due out on EXXE Records in November). The video is shot brilliantly and really captures that 90's esque sound that Julia Why? harbour. I can image being a loner zombie at my school prom and having Julia Why? playing in the background. I would feel out of place, everyone else would stand and stare and the band would sound amazing.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hedge Fund - Object Of My Affection

A couple things you might have not known A) lead singer Nik Mckenzie of indie-psych band Deep Sea Arcade has a younger brother named William Colvin. B) William has a rad band called Hedge Fund consisting of Nick Weaver on bass (Deep Sea Arcade, The Tambourine Girls), guitarist Mislav Belobrajdic (The Domestics) and drummer Miles Thomas (Pen Island, Triceratops). C) Their new single 'Object of My Affection' isn't a love song but is written about obsession and how you can become a creepy stalker. Yep, this is a great first single from Hedge Fund and they clearly give a big nod to 90's rock bands like Garbage and Depeche Mode.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Snowy Nasdaq - First STI (Feat. Emma Russack)

Melbourne's favourite oddball Snowy Nasdaq (and I mean that in the best possible way!) has teamed up with the talented songstress Emma Russack to co-write a new single wonderfully titled 'First STI'. Now, I don't know about you but I wouldn't go around telling people how I got an STI and definitely not in song form. But Snowny and Emma aren't prudes. Lyrics like "I ate out the marrow, and then you ate out me" are pretty hilarious. But beneath all this, is an almost sad and gloomy undertone. The vocals are strong as they are fragile and Snowy's production is fantastically eerie. I can't wait to hear more infectious music from these two.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

And* - U Know Me

Dave Rennick is a Sydney musician who needs no introduction. I remember seeing his indie rock band Dappled Cities back in the 2000's - It was always a sweaty good time on the dance floor. Rennick has been working on a new project called And* with two of Dappled Cities band members Alan Kumpulainen and Ned Cooke. New single 'U Know Me' is disco funk at it's best. The ryhthm section is almost tribal and Donny Benét moog solo is spectacular! We hear the single is the first of five leading up to the And's debut album (due out some time next year).