Saturday, August 30, 2014

High-tails - Terrible Day

All-round legends High-tails have just signed with Stop Start Music, same label as Millions, Northeast Party House, Ballpark Music and one of my favorite bands of all time At The Dive-In! The boys have being busy working on their debut EP this year, titled "Sipping Tea To Make Music To Sip Tea To" (due out 3rd October). Their brand new single 'Terrible Day' has melancholy written all over it. As it sinks deep, it emits positive vibes at the same time. So, put on the kettle, rug up and enjoy the first taste from one of Sydney's finest.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Tempura Nights - BRAINROOF

'BRAINROOF' is the second official single to be released from Brisbane's group Tempura nights' forthcoming debut EP 'The White Whine' (due later this year through the trio’s new concept label Heath Street Wax). Their last single we covered at spk titled 'cocky' was a pop-punk cracker that had some real balls! New single 'BRAINROOF', takes it down a notch and shows the band developed sound. Lead singer Alana Ronaldo's vocals are stronger and the whole song structure is more defined. With plenty of solos, swampy guitar leads, tight bass, and pop swing drums you'd be best to see them live this September.


Thursday SEPT 4 - The Landsdowne Hotel, Sydney, NSW w/ Peel + SHAKY HANDZ - Free Entry 
Friday SEPT 26 - The Underdog, Brisbane, QLD w/ Sulpher Lights + Pleasure Symbols - $10 
Sunday SEPT 28 - The Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne, VIC w/ Emma Russack + Snowny Nasdaq - Free Entry

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bored Nothing - Ice-Cream Dreams

Melbourne’s Bored Nothing is the work of Fergus Miller. 'Ice-Cream Dreams' is the brand new single from his upcoming second full length LP. It's dream-pop that will melt your ear buds and leave you hungry for more.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Jack Colwell & The Owls - Seek The Wilde

I read somewhere, that Oscar Wilde was one of London's most sought-after dinner party guests back in the day. If I was having a dinner party today, I'd have Jack Colwell & The Owls come and entertain my guests. Jack would most likely be wearing something dapper and the guests would all get into a frenzy when he would play his new single 'Seek the Wilde'. The Flute, Bassoon, Obie and Harpsichord would all be fighting for attention as Jack's vocals would enrapture even the most disenchanted and dull guests in the room.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Birds With Thumbs - Ran

Sydney scuzzy punk band Birds With Thumbs have just released a new single titled 'Ran'. It was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by their good friend and musical wizard Tim Fitz. It's a high octane two minutes filled with plenty of jarring guitars and screechy vocal. It's a good thing this one's a free download - you can jump-up-and-down and get aquatinted with the tune before you menace the front of the stage at their up coming shows. Party on Wayne.


Saturday 13th September - Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ Montes Jura + Main Beach
Sunday 14th September - Grace Darling, Melbourne w/ Shiny Coin + tba

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Los Tones - Psychotropic

Sydney's Los Tones are one of my favourite garage bands in Australia. Their track 'Ordinary Man' last year was gnarly. The cleverly titled new single 'Psychotropic' is off Los Tones' debut album (due for release in October this year through Groovie Records). Mixed by whiz kid Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows), 'Psychotropic' is a hypnotic blend of garage goodness and swampy rock swagger.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cull - Magi Fuel

A sombre blue face sits under a designer loft bed, where his creative mind oozes red cosmic fumes into the void above. You don't know if his red tear is his sadness or utter joy for creating such distinctive music. All we know is Cull's latest single 'Magi Fuel' dares to live outside the box. I can't wait to hear the rest of the second EP - due out later this year.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Huntly - Blame Your Mind

Elly, Charlie & Andy make up Melbourne dream-pop band Huntly. They had some success earlier this year with the release of their ghostly single 'Go Out'. The trio are back with a new single called 'Blame Your Mind'. A perfect bend of minimal electro, beautifully sombre vocals and some creative production (look out for the ancient chants near the end). If you're in Melbourne, I'd recommend seeing them live this Thursday. Plus It's only 5 clams. Do it.


Thursday 21st August - Revolver, Melbourne, VIC w/ Dear Plastic + Ichnik & Yarabe

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Harvey - T.I.D.E

Brisbane's Morning Harvey are back with a new single titled 'T.I.D.E' (which stands for 'Thoughts I don't expect'). 'T.I.D.E' follows on from the mind bending psych poppy that they released in March called 'Girl Euphoria (Come Back To Me)'. The guys will be playing Bigsound this year and will most likely play a bunch of shows around the east coast around the same time. Keep your eyes and ears peeled.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wives - Buried

New Canberra super group Wives have just dropped their debut single called 'Buried'. The singles swagger is undeniably fresh - bass lines are raw, drums are grimy and even the shrill vocals are right on the money. Wives features members of TV Colours, Sex Noises, Assassins 88 & Beach Slut. If you're into cassette tapes then you can purchase 'Buried', which comes with an exclusive 'B Side' track on September 1st through The good folk at Cinnamon Records.) and you can also catch them when they tour in September.


Sept 14th  - Minimum Wage / Grace Darling Basement, Melbourne w/ Infinite Void +TBA 
Sept 26th  - Blackwire, Sydney w/ Burlap + TBA'S
Sept 27th  - The Phoenix, Canberra w/ Mere Woman (Album Launch) + Agency

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Ocean Party - Wading In

It's been a year since we last heard from Melbourne's lofi-slackers The Ocean Party. Back with a new single titled 'Wading In', the song is doused with their classic zonked outlook on life, which doesn't deter you from the sonic beauty they create with their arrangements. Quite mesmerising really. Look out for their new album (due out sometime later this year through the groovy geezers at Spunk Records) and see them perform all new material on tour this August.

The Ocean Party - 'Wading In' Single Tour

August 22nd - Circle Jerk at Corner Store, Sydney
August 25th - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
August 29th - Anita’s Theatre, Wollongong
September 13th - Marrickville Bowlo (Refugee Fundraiser), Sydney

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Grand Rapids - Coper Girl

It's all things 60's, soaked in sun-tinged swirling colours, blinding your musical spectrum and bringing your psychedelic sensors into overdrive. Melbourne four piece The Grand Rapids have just released a new single called ‘Coper Girl’ off their upcoming 7″ to be released via the good folk at Psyche Ward at the end of this month. If you want to hear more then the two and a half minutes which is 'Coper Girl', then catch the guys when they tour.

The Grand Rapids 'Coper Girl' Tour 

Friday 22nd Aug | The LuWow, Fitzroy, Melbourne w/ Ride Into The Sun + Whipped Cream Chargers 
Saturday 30th Aug | Psych Night Warehouse Party, Brisbane W/ TBC
Saturday 6th Sep | The Crown & Anchor, Adelaide w/ The Sunbirds + The Pits 
Sunday 28th Sep | Frankie’s Pizza, Sydney w/ The Dandelion + The Grease Arrestor

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Andras & Oscar - Everytime I Go

Smooth vocals coupled with some very pristine production make 'Everytime I Go' a very enjoyable listen. Melbourne musicians Andras Fox and Oscar Key Sung team up to release this, the first single from their new album 'Cafe Romantica' (out on Chapter Music on October 17 in AUS/NZ and through Dutch label Dopeness Galore for the rest of the world). The collaborative debut LP is the followup to last years much-loved 'Embassy Cafe' mini album. The guys will be launching the single this weekend, so if you're in Melbourne dust off your smiley-face t-shirt and head to Howler. Word.


Sunday August 10 - Howler, Brunswick, Melbourne, VIC w/ Sui & Sui & Elevator Alligators, from 6pm*

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yes I'm Leaving - One

Billy, Boyer and Cook are three dudes who make some pretty loud in-your-face-abrasive-noise-rock. The Sydney locals who go by the name Yes I'm Leaving have just released the first single 'One' off their forthcoming LP 'Slow Release' (out on Homeless on 29th September). If you like what you hear then pre-order a limited edition grey haze on white vinyl here. Only a lucky 100 will get to enjoy these bad boys, so be quick...

Friday, August 1, 2014

#1 Dad's - So Soldier

Besides having one of the best band names around, #1 Dads only has one member Tom Iansek (also the front man for alt-pop band Big Scary). Tom teams up with different collaborators on some of his releases and this latest single 'So Solider', features Melbourne artist Ainslie Wills. The single has some retro guitar lines, subtle production textures and Ainslie's refreshing vocals all make for a pretty dynamic pop song. If you like what you hear then pick up #1 Dad's  LP 'About Face' next Friday the 8th of August through the wizards at Pieater