Monday, July 21, 2014

Tim Fitz - Sour

"All you get with Sydney town is a booze filled waste land" Since I'm off the hooch for a month, I've been noticing what Tim Fitz is going on about in his latest single 'Sour'. Sure you can have some really great boozy nights in Sydney but the reality is that if you head to Kings Cross on a Friday night you will 99% be accosted by some drunk-roid-rage-wanker and be annoyed by some really loud chick, who spends most of her time in the gutter because A) she can't walk in 6 inch heels when she's wasted and B) she's most likely vomiting rainbows because of all the Bacardi breezers she skulled in the cab. You get the point - kings X is gross and drinking in Sydney is overrated. 'Sour' is the first single of Tim's yet to be title EP (due out later this year). And if it's anything like his last two EP's then we're in for a treat.

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