Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Richard In Your Mind - Hammered

There's nothing better then getting hammered with your girlfriend in the day time. You wake up around lunch time and head to your local bottle'o, where you buy the cheapest goon because you're unemployed and secretly like the taste of lambrusco, then you head to the local park and spend the rest of the afternoon drinking and chatting about failing Uni, the mystery surrounding the weird guy who sleeps on your couch and the dread of going into Centrelink. Yep, Richard In Your Mind have written a pop gem that blends crafty flute and xylophone effects with catchy lyrics, arranged on a simple back beat. Look out for their new album 'Ponderosa' out on August 29 through Rice Is Nice/Inertia.

FRI 5th JULY | The Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney w/ SPOD and Reckless Vagina

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