Monday, June 30, 2014

Ali E - We Are Strangers

Ali Edmonds aka Ali E co-fronts Melbourne scuzzy rock band Damn Terran. I saw them play a couple months back in Sydney and they f&%kin' ruled! Definitely one band to see live. Anyway, when I heard that Ali returned to her solo work, I just had to hear what she's been cooking. Ali told us that 'We Are Strangers' is “the story of living in a world of apathy, where people are content with their share; those who are not prepared to break the social mould, instead pretend to be happy, while the world goes on around them”. And with lyrics like "will sit peacefully, with our fat bellies, grow and grow some more, growing out the door", Ali gives us the cold hard truth in a raw and gritty rock song. If you'd rather not grow a fat belly and are living Melbourne, then I suggest going to the good old Workers Club for the single launch.

'We Are Strangers" SINGLE LAUNCH 

FRI 18 JULY | The Workers Club, Melbourne w/ Bad Family and Grand Prismatic

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