Monday, June 30, 2014

Ali E - We Are Strangers

Ali Edmonds aka Ali E co-fronts Melbourne scuzzy rock band Damn Terran. I saw them play a couple months back in Sydney and they f&%kin' ruled! Definitely one band to see live. Anyway, when I heard that Ali returned to her solo work, I just had to hear what she's been cooking. Ali told us that 'We Are Strangers' is “the story of living in a world of apathy, where people are content with their share; those who are not prepared to break the social mould, instead pretend to be happy, while the world goes on around them”. And with lyrics like "will sit peacefully, with our fat bellies, grow and grow some more, growing out the door", Ali gives us the cold hard truth in a raw and gritty rock song. If you'd rather not grow a fat belly and are living Melbourne, then I suggest going to the good old Workers Club for the single launch.

'We Are Strangers" SINGLE LAUNCH 

FRI 18 JULY | The Workers Club, Melbourne w/ Bad Family and Grand Prismatic

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pepa Knight - Clams

I feel Like Peter Pan approaching Neverland ever time I listen to Pepa Knight's music. There is something very adventurous and free spirited about the way he structures his melodies. It was only two months ago when Pepa gave us his first single 'Rahh!' and keeping to a similar formula, new single 'Clams' is another tropical hit with beautiful harmonies, layered instrumentation and sprouting with that worldly feel. If your up for an adventure, go see the man in person when he plays for the first time this August. 

Fri 1 AUG | Goodgod Small Club, Sydney NSW
Thurs 7 AUG | Northcote Social Club, Melbounre, VIC

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Naked Bodies - Ride On

Quang Dinh (ex Little Red) Will Lopez, Brendan West and Cameron Potts make up new Melbourne Band Naked Bodies. Their single 'Ride On' sounds like the music that would get me pumped to go out to some house party back in 2000. I'd be trying on the same jacket with about ten different crappy tee-shirts wondering which one looks better (really thinking one of these shirts would get me laid) ha, If it wasn't for bands like The Strokes, that got me in a good mood, I would have been even more depressed as a teenager. Amen to bands that are still creating that party vibe music in 2014. 

Monday, June 23, 2014


I'm a really big fan of Sydney lofi band SHAKY HANDZ. In the nine months they have been around they have self-released a bunch of EP's, played some sweet shows and generally been a bunch of legends. Recording another raucous Ep in their classic DIY-bedroom-style titled 'SICK LATER', most of the EP sounds like it might have been recorded in a wheelie bin, with a tape player on it's last legs.(you can hear all the bin juice on the microphone in 'SICK LATER' below) yep, If your a fan of this lofi chaos, then check out the rest of the Ep at their bandcamp. Also, if your in Sydney this friday, the boys will be supporting Brisbane brats The Creases at the Brighton Up Bar. So expect a pretty wild show.

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Walking Who - With Roses

Keeping to a similar formula which worked for their last single 'Take My Picture', Sydney trio The Walking Who are back with another killer single. Called 'With Roses', this song serves a warning to those non vigilant - “Beware of false prophets, who come baring gifts, in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." The first mix of this single also was the work of their good pal Rudy from The Delta Riggs. So go see these guys live when they launch the single in July Sydney.


Fri 18 July | Upstairs Beresford w/ Evan and the Brave Timberwolf

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Willow Beats - Merewif

It's always great to hear new and exciting electronic music. Now I'm no conocer but Melbourne duo Willow Beats are the bee's knees. After collecting close to half million plays for their single ‘Blue’, it's no wonder these guys are onto something fresh. The pair create a landscape full of lush beats, uplifting energy and throw in some very captivating vocals. New single 'Merewif' is from their forthcoming sophomore EP, which is out through the legends at Pilerats Records. Look out for it on 27th of June.


Friday 1 August - Mondo, Perth WA 
Friday, 8 August - Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane QLD 
Saturday 9 August - Goodgod Nightclub, Sydney NSW 
Friday 15 August - Rocket Bar, Adelaide SA 
Saturday 16 August - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne VIC.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

WORKSHOP - Repeat After Me

Brisbane electronic pop duo WORKSHOP should have their music playing in an Aussie remake of futuristic classic movie Blade Runner. The girls would sway effortlessly while playing double synths, every now and again stopping and giving each other the nod of approval. While their dreamy single 'Repeat After Me' creates a beautiful setting for the end of civilisation. This movie might never be made but hopefully WORKSHOP will still make fiercely beautiful music for the rest of humanity. You can get this single on cassette through Brisbane label Tenth Court for a limited time.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Pretty City - Roll On

What better way to start your week, than listening to some good old rock'n'roll. Melbourne trio Pretty City have got a new single called 'Roll On'. It's got the heart and soul of a classic 70's rock song but also borrows from brit pop and psychedelia. It's been a while since I heard music like this, seems like everything is 'garage this' and 'lofi that' but when you rock hard like Pretty City, there is no dismissing that rock'n'roll is alive and kicking! Catch them when they tour in July/August.


Fri July 11 | The Loft, Gold Coast 
Sat July 12 | The Bearded Lady, Brisbane 
Thu July 17 | Rad, Wollongong 
Fri July 18 | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney 
Sat July 19 | Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle 
Thu July 31 | The Grace Emily, Adelaide 
Fri Aug 1 | The Loft, Warrnambool 
Sat Aug 2 | The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine 
Fri Aug 8 | The Gasometer, Melbourne

Friday, June 13, 2014

Los Tones - Ordinary Man

Sydney bands La Mancha Negra, Glitter Canyon & Mother & Son may not be around anymore but the respected members created a super group called Los Tones. The garage four piece released their debut 7" Vinyl 'Buchanan Hammer/Gone Away' though Portuguese Label Groovie Records last September and this week they released their latest single 'Ordinary man'. It's garage punk with a twist of 60's rock and in classic Los Tones fashion, oozes in fuckin' cool.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Teeth & Tongue - Easy Living

Teeth & Tongue is the striking work of Melbourne musician Jess Cornelius. In March she released her third record 'Grids' through Remote Control/Dot Dash. 'Grids' has eleven tracks and 'Easy Living' was by far my favorite (other 10 are well worth a listen). Maybe it's because I also never have any money but the simplicity of the drum-machine mixed with the infectious guitar riff and Jess's refined vocals made 'Easy Living' a very enjoyable listen. You can catch Teeth & Tongue when they tour June/July.


Thursday 12 June | Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VIC
Thursday 19 June | Goodgod, Sydney, NSW
Saturday 21 June | Beetle Bar, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 27 June | Rhino Room, Adelaide, SA
Saturday 28 June | Howler, Melbourne VIC
Friday 11 July | Club 54, Launceston, TAS
Saturday 12 July | The Homestead, Hobart TAS
Sunday 13 July | Mona, Hobart TAS

Monday, June 9, 2014

Step-Panther - Nowhere

Sydney garage three-piece Step-Panther have a new single out called 'Nowhere'. It's the first music the band have released since last year’s 'Dreamcrusher' EP. 'Nowhere' is off their forthcoming LP 'Strange But Nice' (released through new label HUB this August). Frontman Stephen Bourke throws in some medieval references like “Storm the citadel / Scale the outer wall”, he said “I was also watching a lot of ‘Game Of Thrones’ when I wrote this, which kind of explains it too.” And we can all agree that we've also been watching a lot of Game Of Thrones! Catch them when they launch the single in Melbourne and Sydney at the end of this month/early July.


Melbourne: Sat 28th June | The Workers Club, Fitzroy w/ Warmth Crashes In + ESC
Sydney: Fri 4th July | Brighton Up Bar, Darlinghurst w/ Adults + Doom Mountain

Friday, June 6, 2014

Laura Jean - First Love Song

Sydney born,  Melbourne-based songwriter Laura Jean is releasing her forth album through the worthy humans at Chapter Music in August. The first single from the self-titled album 'First Long Song' was recorded in the UK with John Parish (PJ Harvey, Sonic Youth). Laura's angelic vocals tell a tale of lost love, her vulnerable lyrics are emotional and raw. The flowing piano chaperons the drum beat while the backing vocals from Norwegian singer/composer Jenny Hval aid this heart-stirring lullaby.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mammals - Circles

If you were ever to ride a cosmic dolphin under the sea, gliding past colourful reefs, feeling your weightlessness as the dolphin dips and turns with every swish of his tale, then you would probably be listening to Mammals new single 'Circles'. Mixing electronica, indie and a little folk music, Mammals have a very unique sound. 'Circles' has the angelic vocals, fluid guitar and minimal percussion to take you far far under the sea. And who wouldn't want that?

Monday, June 2, 2014

King Colour - Show It to Me!

Sydney indie band King Colour had a single eleven months back called 'Break The Ice'. It was a straight down the line, feel good indie pop gem with a strong guitar hook. New track 'Show It To Me!' sees the band expand on their sound. Beginning with a funky bass line and layered with plenty of razor-sharp vocals, the song also features some more experimental rock-heavy guitar, which is always refreshing. Finally the single has some dandy art work. Nothing like a good collage.

Salvadarlings - After Nightfall

Brisbane psych-pop band Salvadarlings must be fans of the Surrealist artist Salvador Dali. Not only does their name suggest this but their facebook has plenty of his paintings posted. Everyone loves Dali and his flamboyant moustache, but did you know that just before the outbreak of WWII, Dali was quoted saying “I often dreamed of Hitler as a woman” and in his autobiography saying "Hitler turned me on in the highest". Creepy stuff, but regardless of what turned Dali on, he has been an inspiration to plenty of artists around the world. Salvadarlings latest single 'After Nightfall' flows like a lucid dream full of jangly guitar hooks, subtle organ keys and heavenly vocals.