Friday, May 30, 2014

The Preatures - Two Tone Melody

Single Better Then It Could Ever Be was released four months ago, since then The Preatures have toured the UK, Europe and the US, played huge festivals and also found time to put the finishing touches on their debut album (due out later this year). The first glimpse of this much anticipated record is new single 'Two Tone Melody'. Much slower pace then previous songs, this track has a calming feeling as Izzy enthralls you with her smooth melancholy vocals. Catch them on tour this July/August. Tickets on sale today.

TWO TONE MELODY TOUR w support from Bad//Dreems + Gunns.

SAT 12 July | The Corner Hotel, Melbourne, VIC
SAT 19 July | The Metro Theatre, Sydney, NSW (All Ages
FRI 29 July | Splender In The Grass, Byron Bay, NSW
FRI 1 AUG | Flowers, Adelaide, SA
SAT 2 AUG | The Bakery, Perth, WA

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Dandelion - 1984 A Go-Go

Nineteen Eighty-Four is one of those books everyone has read. I personally prefer Animal Farm but everyone's different and also interprets Orwell's novels in different ways - some by writing long ass comparison essays (boring), some by creating vivid futuristic art (getting there) and some by recording good music (here we go!). The Dandelion (new project from Daniel Poulter - Dolly Rocker Movement) did just that, re-recored a track called '1984 A Go-Go'. We don't know what the correlation between the novel and the song is but it's a dam catchy-shake-your-hips-tune. So put down the remote, get off your butt and go see this Sydney band. You won't regret it.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

North Arm - Hollow Days

Hearing Rod Smith's (ex Firekites) new band North Arm, I thought they sounded a little like Austin band The Asteroid Shop, but North Arm splice electronic & acoustic beats to their experimental lo-fi sound, which makes tracks like  'Hollow Days' a very enjoyable listen. The band is set to release an LP later this year, so keep an eye out for this one.

Friday 7 June | Goodgod Small Club, Sydney, NSW w/ I know Leopard

Saturday 14 June | VISIONS @ The Standard Bowl, Sydney, NSW w/ Buzzkull + NOIRE

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Violet Swells - Into The Ether

Back in January Violet Swells gave us the psychedelic fuzziness of 'Jupiters Garden'. Said track and three new ones can be found on their latest EP Soft Focus. The whole Ep is one big sonic adventure, where reverb drenched guitars create melody sweeter then sunday pie. Stand out track 'Into The Ether' has a great atmosphere, It's breezy-feel-good vibe only complements their colossal space rock sound. You can purchase the Ep from the their Bandcamp for a mere $4 and if your in Sydney, see them live when they play with Psych lords CULL tomorrow night. Winning.

Friday 23rd May Spectrum, Sydney - Details

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bloods - Want It

Sydney pop-punk trio Bloods have a raw energy that most bands should take note of. With the help from Owen Penglis (Royal Headache/Palms/The Frowning Clouds/Straight Arrows), new single ‘Want It’ is raw, loud and a tad sexy (just check out the video here) and is off their yet to be titled debut album (due out August through new label Tiny Galaxy). Be sure to catch them during their upcoming east coast mini-tour when they join forces with dream-pop Brisbane kids Major leagues.

Friday 13 June | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Thursday 19 June | Newtown Social Club, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 3 July | Shebeen, Melbourne, VIC

Monday, May 19, 2014

Southern Comfort - Suzanne

Angie Bermuda from Sydney bands Angie, Straight Arrows, Ruined Fortune and Circle Pit has teamed up with her best friend Harriet Hudson to create a new side project called Southern Comfort. It's lofi garage goodness and single 'Suzanne' and has been released through Hozac Records in the US with B side 'Me And My Baby' on 7″. You can get the Gold edition of 150 or the black edition of 400 here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Creases - Static Lines

So Liberation & Mushroom Records probably will not like the fact that I ripped off The Creases latest tour poster and made it into the above EP cover but F@$k it, I really liked the poster, the colours, the patterns, the guitar etc etc.. It's about the music and seeing as those bastards just signed The Creases, they would know how rad their new single 'Static Lines' is. Much better then looking at some boring Liberation logo. Anyway, The Brisbane lads will be touring in June. Get onto it.

Friday 20th | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD
Saturday 21st | Live It Up Festival (U18's) Brisbane, QLD 
Friday 27th | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW 
Saturday 28th | Shebeen, Melbourne, VIC

The Furrs - Little Boy

If you like your blues rock dirty and served with a whole lot of attitude then look no further then Brisbane duo The Furrs. Following the release of their debut single 'Get On Your Horse', The Furrs release 'Little Boy' off the bands self titled EP, out 15th of May. "Little Boy is about fleeting, heady liberation you get when you're in a passenger seat of a car and your rolling down the highway and for a split moment in your head everything's alright and your in some kind of control" - explained one half of The Furrs, Gabriella. The band have recently played with the likes of The Cults and DMA's. Not a bad start for a reasonably new act.

Monday, May 12, 2014

House Of Laurence - Let's Go and Play

Last November Melbourne psych rockers House Of Laurence gave us 'Just Don't Move Me'. Fast track 5 months and the boys are back with another killer single 'Let's Go and Play'. Throwing into the music cauldron - Hypnotic guitar licks, dynamic bass riffs, solid drumming and singer Christopher Laurence's smooth vocals, this band knows how to cook up a tasty song. If you're like me and enjoy your music live n loud, then do yourself a favour and see these guys when they tour in June. Dates below:

 'Let's Go and Play June Tour'

Thursday 12th | Bay Fm Live Performance, Byron Bay, NSW
Friday 13th | Beach Hotel, Byron Bay, NSW
Saturday 14th | Tempo Hotel, Brisbane, QLD
Friday 20th | The Pier Port, Macquarie, NSW
Saturday 21st | Captain Cook, Sydney, NSW
Sunday 22nd | Frankies Pizza, Sydney, NSW
Friday 27th | The Old Bar, Melbourne, VIC

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Pack Animals - Stowaway

Pack Animals are a five piece who hail from Brisbane and last month they released their debut self titled EP. 'Stowaway' is the new single and is probably their strongest track. Upon hearing 'Stowaway', I instantly thought of Matt Berninger's vocals from The National. The same dark brooding voice, only the Pack Animals sound is more fun. It's how indie rock should be - with a bit of pop, some slick guitar lines and as a bonus these guys throw in some tantalising trumpet. So for less then a stunner meal at your local HJ's, you can buy the whole EP from their Bandcamp. Tasty.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Lowtide - Blue Movie

If your looking for some dreamy shoegaze then look no further then Melbourne four piece Lowtide. It's been a while since they released anything and 'Blue Movie' is their first track taken from their forthcoming debut album, which is due for release in July through Lost and Lonesome. 'Blue Movie' is a slow burning gem, it grows on you with it's layers of fuzzy guitar, it's soaring vocals and driving percussion, which all build into an epic finale. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

DZ Deathrays - Reflective Skull

A couple day's ago DZ Deathrays released their second album 'Black Rat', their brand new single, 'Reflective Skull' is a hard hitting rock number that will have your feet stomping and your fists in the air. You can pick up the album from their website and I would strongly recommend seeing them live when they tour nationally this month.