Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Jones Rival - Uncle Frank

If you had an uncle Frank, he would either be A) that creepy relative who's always telling crude jokes and telling you "How you've grown" at family events or B) that quirky-feel-good uncle who bring's you gifts and tells you stories of how he caught a 15 foot shark of the coast of Papua New Guinea in the 1970's. I definitely would want to have uncle B and that's the guy The Jones Rival have probably written their new single about. It's much more raw then their previous single 'Busted' but still has plenty of lush guitar hooks and rock'n'roll drive. You can download this one for free at the moment below and catch them when they launch Uncle Frank this week.

THURS 24th MAY | FREDA'S BAR, Chippendale, Sydney w/ The Grease Arrestor, Mezko + Velvet Cave DJ's + Shaky Handz DJ's (Free Entry)

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