Monday, March 31, 2014

Thee Gold Blooms - Alana

A Perth band not doing the 'psychedelic thing' is Thee Gold Blooms, a straight up garage band with a hint of surf and pop influence. Their latest single 'Alana' clocks in just under two minutes and keeps it short and sweet. These guys supported Mac DeMarco when he was in Oz a couple months ago with other perth locals HAMJAM. So, if you trust DeMarco taste then Thee Gold Blooms could be your new favorite Aussie band.

Mezko - Stand Clear

Mezko are a Sydney three piece made up of Kat Harley on guitar, synth and vox, Laura Bailey on bass and Oscar Wuts on drums and sounds. They describe their sound as "a compound of kraut beats, synth swirls, house tones and a pop habit." Yes, all those things sound very confusing together but once you hear tracks like 'Stand Clear' it all seems to make perfect scene.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Upskirts - Minds A Burden

Back in october last year Sydney psych rock band The Upskirts gave us their single 'We Could Be A Team'. Fast track 5 months and the boys are back with a new single called 'Mind's A Burden'. Keeping to the same formula with plenty of reverb drenched guitars and explosive drumming, vocals in 'Mind's A Burdenare stronger and the song writing has also matured since their last release, making this track a very pleasurable listen.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Velociraptor - Ramona

With a pretty obvious salute to punk legends The Ramones, Brisbane 12 piece Velociraptor haven't given us much since their last single 'Walk on By' released nearly a year ago. Back with a new gem called 'Ramona', it's Aussie garage rock at it's finest, lush harmonies, catchy as f#$k guitar riffs and feel good vibes. The band plan to release an album later this year and tour this single. Watch this space for more details to come..

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Nathan Roche - Magnetic Memories

Nathan Roche is the lead singer in Sydney garage lo-fi band Camperdown & Out. Taking things in a slightly different direction with his solo work, new single 'Magnetic Memories' sounds like it could be on a sound track to some cheesy B-grade movie set on the French Riviera circa 1970. It's got that summer sleazy vibe, where you can almost see Nathan mingling with rich celebrities on some sunny beach, surrounded by glamorous yachts and women. And that's probably how he got the tropical disease. oups! Téléchargement gratuit ci-dessous*

Monday, March 24, 2014

Fever Pitch - Memories

When I first heard 'Memories' from Brisbane three piece Fever Pitch, I instantly thought of bands that I was listening to in the naughties (worst name for a decade). Bands like The Strokes, The Kooks, The Killers and Franz Ferdinand were all making clever indie pop that you could dance to and even though Fever Pitch aren't exactly reinventing the wheel here, it's nice to hear that familiar sound.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Good Sports - Walking

Three months ago Brisbane's The Good Sports gave us 'Out Of The Way'. Keeping to the same formula but tweaking their sound just a little, their brand new single 'Walking' features their reverb drenched australianana lo-fi sound taking on a more 60's psych influence. Sporting a new line-up and new material, they will embark on their "Doubles and Singles" two-state tour starting at the end of this month, announcing dates in Victoria and Queensland.


FRI 28th MARCH |  Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD w/ BABAGANOÜJ + The Good Sports + Love Signs.
FRI 4th APRIL | The Tote, Melbourne, VIC w/ Special Guests
SAT 5th APRIL | Playground Bar, Melbourne, VIC w/ THE RED LIGHTS + The Good Sports + The New Pollution + Jimmy Junk Heart.
SAT 3rd MAY | VIDEO LAUNCH Trainspotters, Brisbane, QLD w/ Salvadarlings + LSD Ratkings + Doom Mountain

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vacant Field - Run Down

You know those moments when your watching a movie and you've grown so attached to the character, that when their journey comes to an end and there is that last beautiful scene where they look into the horizon and that song comes on, almost bringing you to shed a tear? Well, new Sydney outfit Vacant Field's single 'Run Down' would be that song. Beautifully sombre and reflective, while keeping you attached till the last note.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

NOIRE - Pilgrams

New Sydney four piece NOIRE are a band that make effortlessly cool dreamy pop music. Songs that glide through the atmosphere like a shooting missile, effortlessly keeping you calm and never going over the top of their trajectory. 'Pilgrims' descents through lush melodies and angelic vocals to resurface over the horizon and land at something new. Look out for NOIRE in 2014.  

Eleanor Dunlop - Rough Side Of Town

I first heard Sydney singer-songwriter Eleanor Dunlop last year when she released her first single ‘Disguise’. Her new single, ‘Rough Side Of Town’ is the second track to be lifted of her debut Ep. ‘Rough Side Of Town’ has her classic traits - beautifully arranged piano, evocative vocals and clever pop infused melodies which create powerful choruses. Eleanor is a star in the making and for anyone living in Sydney, she will be launching her Ep at the Brighton Up Bar next month. 


THURS 17th APRIL | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ New Brutalists & Nic Cassey

Friday, March 14, 2014

Die! Die! Die! - Crystal

Technically Die! Die! Die! are from New Zealand but we can call them our own as they basically tour in Australia every year and have a solid fan base around the country. I for one have seen them live over a dozen times in the last 8 years and they never disappointed to deliver a dance-your-arse-off-punk-show. They will be playing 4 quick shows, touring their new single 'Crystal', so do yourself a favour and see these guys live. 

Die! Die! Die! AUSTRALIAN TOUR 2014 

WED 19th MARCH Rochester Hotel, Melbourne VIC
THURS 20th MARCH | Captain Cook  Hotel, Sydney NSW
SAT 22nd MARCH | Crow Bar, Brisbane QLD
SUN 23rd MARCH | Ya Ya's, Perth WA

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Firekites - Closing Forever Sky

Coming in a little under seven minutes is Firekites' new single 'Closing Forever Sky' from their second album. It's a risky move to bring out a single of this length but the guys have nailed it. Dreamy, atmospheric and beautifully dark at times, the new album will definitely be one to check out. Closing Forever Sky is out mid 2014 on Spunk Records.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Shaky Handz - I Can't Say No

We featured Sydney misfits Shaky Handz last July with their in-your-face garage/punk number 'And Tim Said'. Fast track eight or so months and we have a new single  out called 'I Can't Say No'. The band continues with their lo-fi sound and production - I believe that this track was recorded in an hour, partly on a 4 track tape, in a little bed room in Ashfield (some Inner West suburb of Sydney). Not bad for an Hours work.. As their press release says Shanky Handz are "Keeping it raw, unrestricted and catchy as F$%K".

Contrast - Pipe Dream

Bet when Melbourne band Contrast first started jamming some nosey neighbour would shout over the fence "stop that horrendous noise" and "It's all pipe dreams boys, get a real job!", lucky for Contrast, the neighbours heckling never got them down. Instead they kept perfecting their craft. And if first single 'Pipe Dreams' is anything to go by, their EP due out on the 4th April should be something real special.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Morning Harvey - Girl Euphoria (Come Back To Me)

There must be something in the water up north because every fine band I come across these days is from the sunshine coast. Introducing psychedelic shoe-gazers Morning Harvey. These guys build a heavy wall of dreamy pop and their new single 'Girl Euphoria (Come Back To Me)' is a perfect example of their work. Catch them when they embark on a mini east coast tour in April for this single.

SAT 5th APRIL | Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane, QLD w/ Salvadarlings (Free Entry)
THURS 10th APRIL | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney, NSW w/ The Jones Rival + Dead Radio ($5 on the door)
FRI 18th APRIL | Alia Arthouse, Collingwood, VIC w/ The Citradels + The New Pullution ($5 on the door)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The babe Rainbow - Evolution 1964

Riding the subterranean psychedelia magic carpet straight out of 1964 is three piece The Babe Rainbow. Formerly they were called The Otchkies but midway through 2013 they called it quits, dropped their lead singer and never looked back. Hailing from the 'Sunshine State' of Australia Queensland, they bring a fresh, laid back vibe to the Aussie music scene. So relax, embrace and let The Babe Rainbow take you on a ride.

Friday, March 7, 2014

The Worriers - Cruel To Be Kind

When I first read that Brisbane indie-pop band The Worriers had a new single called 'Cruel To Be Kind' I instantly thought of Nick Lowe's 1979 classic. But upon listening, the tracks are nothing alike (just share the same title). For The Worriers play catchy indie pop and hailing from Brisbane I wouldn't except anything else from this up and coming band. The single was produced by Jake Miller (Jesse Davidson, The Cairos, Gung Ho) and is the leading track from the band’s forthcoming debut EP – due out later this year.

Single launch

Thurs 13 March | New Globe Theatre, Brisbane, QLD

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Holiday Sidewinder - Carousel

I've been waiting a long time for ex-Sydney now London based songstress to release her solo work. Holiday Sidewinder fronted Bridezilla, who broke up at the end of 2012. Back then her effortlessly cool vocals and captivating stage presence was a force to be reckoned with. Showing that she still got it, Holiday's first single 'Carousel' is a beautifully executed pop song. Definitely on repeat and definitely an early contender for single of the year.

The Cherry Dolls - Wasted Pearls

Oh that rock Oh that rock Oh that rock 'n' roll! New Melbourne rock band The Cherry Dolls aren't exactly reinventing the wheel but who cares, if they keep bashing out tracks like 'Wasted Pearls', will all be happy as larry. They will be playing their first show ever. Check them out, who knows, you might just have a new favorite band.

Fri April 4 | Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne

Monday, March 3, 2014

Snowy Nasdaq - Older Men

Melbourne label Why Don't You Believe Me? Records is presenting twelve singles over twelve months by Snowy Nasdaq. Last months single was called 'Older Men'. They say that each song will only be available during the month of it's release and it will be replaced by a new song every month, Snowny had this quote under the song - "I was spoon-fed MDMA as a young girl and raised on 4/4 & dicks & pussies." Don't really know what that means but we enjoy the music regardless. Can't wait for next month's tune.