Monday, September 30, 2013

The Naysayers - Dee Eye Why EP

We would all love to go to a Groovin' Sub-Atomic Beach Party from Outer Space, get high on that space dust, hook up with an alien and call mars home but we can't afford space travel right now :( So until you save your penny's here is The Naysayers new Ep called 'Dee Eye Why'. 'Groovin' Sub-Atomic Beach Party from Outer Space!' is the longest song title on the 8 track Ep. It's all blues/rock with a western twist. Come to think of it tracks like 'Too Oh Too Canning Street' reminds me of past Melbourne band Whiskey Go Go's and that's a good thing. Get the EP from their Bandcamp.

Missing Children - The Core

If your a fan of The Cranberries then Missing Children's new single 'The Core' just might be what your looking for. It's atmospheric, emotive, and the female vocals build and build, creating a lush wall of sound when mixed with the instrumentation from the other 5 band members. You can also watch their video here.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Scenic - Overflow

Windows down, rucksack packed, tank full of gas and your stereo blasting this little atmospheric psych number with a touch of electro. 'Overflow' is the new single off Scenic's New EP called 'Shockwaves'. Out through the good folk at Future Classic, 'Shockwaves' is now available on iTunes.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dumb Blondes - Into The Light

Inspired by “heroin-pop” and shoegaze bands of the 90’s, Melbourne outfit Dumb Blondes are a bunch of twenty-something year olds having fun and making some pretty catchy surf pop, while they cruise around town on their skateboards. The band consists of Jordan Malane (Bleeding Knees Club), Nicholas Futcher (Kite Club) and Joel Abbott (current Bleeding Knees Club touring drummer). 'Into The Light' is the debut single from Dumb Blondes and you can watch their cosmic video here.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spod - 'Taste The Radness' 10 year Anniversary

I can't believe it's been ten years since Spod released his debut LP 'Taste The Radness'. Time sure does fly, I remember seeing Spod play back in the day numerous times and if any of you have witnessed the party monster that is Spod, you would know how much fun his live shows are. Full of glitter, bad good 80's dance moves and as you can tell from the above art work, classic Spod humour! 'Taste The Radness' is out next month through a digital re-issue of the record that started his career and a sweet doco next year, watch the epic trailer here. For those who are listening to 'loooife' and still thinking WTF is going on?! Do yourself a favour and see him Live. Party times, excellent.

SYDNEY Fri 4 OCT | The Sailor Jerry Bar, Kings X w/ Naughty Rappers Collective

Monday, September 23, 2013

Primitive Motion - Skyline

Brisbane Male/female duo Primitive Motion  are back with a new single called  ‘Skyline’. It’s the second track from their debut album 'Worlds Floating By', out on 12” vinyl today through Bedroom Suck. 'Skyline' has a repetitive beat similar that to Silver Apples' 'Oscillations', the lofi instrument usage mixed with the overly saturated vocals works well. You can tap your feet to their homemade video here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Little May - Hide

Liz Drummond, Hannah Field & Annie Hamilton are three young Sydney girls who are destined for great things. Collectively they make up indie-folk three-piece Little May. 'Hide' follows the release of 'Boardwalks', mixing heart-warming harmonies with clever song structures, 'Hide' is a perfect example of their art. Smooth bass lines, driving drums and beautiful harmonies throughout the chorus. Little May's debut EP is due out November. 

Sat 7th Dec - BRISBANE @ Southside Tea Room 
Sun 15th Dec - MELBOURNE @ The Workers Club
Thurs 19th Dec – WOLLONGONG @ Yours & Owls 
Fri 20th Dec – SYDNEY Brighton Up Bar 
Sat 21st Dec – SYDNEY Brighton Up Bar 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fascinator - Girl I Want

If your not familiar with Lord Fascinator, then let me introduce you to Children Collide's frontman Johnny Mackay's psychedelic side project. Johnny relocated to New York last year and has kept busy with this obscure project. 'Girl I Want' has been online for about a year but a video was just released a couple days ago. Check it out here, it's full or wacky belly button faces, balloon drums and chicks in USA bikini's bouncing b balls! Amazing.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cull - World Inside Your Head

Early in the 21st Century, THE TYRELL CULL CORPORATION advanced Robot evolution into the NEXUS phase - a being virtually identical to a human - known as a Replicant. Replicants were used off-world as slave labor, in the hazardous exploration and colonisation of other planets. Now that i've refreshed your memory on Blade Runner (awesome film!), CULL's new track "World Inside Your Head" could fit right on the sound track. It has a beautiful melancholy sound that is superior in strength, agility and equal in intelligence. You are Deckard, this track is Rachael. Let her win your heart.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Guppies - The Cause

"Don't think we gonna make it out!" shrieks Lachlan Morris, one half of Newcastle garage punk band The Guppies. New track 'The Cause' is written for the countless youth who are bored with life, looking for something to do. Intent to have some fun, living in dull suburbs, they get up to no good and when the cops turn up at their doors, they turn up the stereo, crack a tinnie and let the good times roll. That's the way The Guppies would do it...

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Adults - Ominous

I saw these guys play at the old Hollywood Hotel in Sydney a few months back. It was a Sunday afternoon, the sun was setting, Saturday night's hang over was disappearing with the second Coopers in my belly and Adults were playing their pop fused post punk. It was a short set but hearing 'Ominous' live and the other crowd favorite 'Rain' was very refreshing. A three piece made up of Edwin (Guitar, Vocals), Greg (Bass, Vocals) and Jack (Drums), Adults only have 4 tracks on their SC but I can't wait for their first release..

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Geoffrey O'Connor - Jacqueline

You remember that infectiously catchy tune 'Mirror Ball' from Crayon Fields back in 2009? Well, Geoffrey O'Connor has been solo since 2011 and with the success off his first album 'Vanity Is Forever', he has dropped his latest single 'Jacqueline' due out September via the good folk at Chapter Music. It's 80s pop with plenty of synths and dreamy vocals. Enjoy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wolf & Cub - Can't Remember The Last Time

With an apocalyptic industrial feel 'Can't Remember The Last Time' is the second track out from the new Wolf & Cub album 'Heavy Weight'. (released this Friday 13th September) First single 'I Need More' was a pretty straight up fuzzy rock'n'roll number but on 'Can't Remember The Last Time' you can hear darker drum beats and more detached guitar as it builds layer on layer, reminiscent of early Depeche Mode or the experimental noise of Kirin J Callinan

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The John Steel Singers - State Of Unrest

Coming back with a rocking single 'State Of Unrest' since their 2010 album TangaloomaThe John Steel Singers hit all the right notes with this scuzzy, psychedelic number. The bass riff is massive and the drums never miss a beat. Reminds me of UK band TOY. It's a great come back single and I can't wait to hear the new album which is to be released later this year. Check out the video here and do yourself a favour and see them live! 

 State of Unrest Tour
FRI 20th SEPT GOODGOD, SYDNEY w Baptism Of Uzi + The Fabergettes 
THU 26th SEPT | NORTHCOTE SOCIAL CLUB, MELBOURNE w Baptism Of Uzi + Dirt Farmer 
FRI 27th SEPT ALHAMBRA LOUNGE, BRISBANE w Babaganouj + Rolls Bayce

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jarrah Thompson - In My Dream

Singer/song writer Jarrah Thompson is on a train traveling across the majestic forts and surrounding landscapes of India, immersing himself in the colours and rhythms of India's captivating culture. Relaxing in Jaipur and watching the sunset light up the Taj Mahal. All the while he serenades you with his blend of psych, rock, folk and country, sure he isn't re inventing the wheel but who cares when he's got you where he wants you. 'In My Dream' is off his lasted album 'Voyager' which you can purchase from his Bandcamp.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Zeahorse - Pool

Sydney rockers Zeahorse are back with a new one called "Pool" from the album "Pools" which is out later this month on September 27th. The track sways from side to side, dips and comes back around with plenty of delay and drone guitar riffs reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine and Dead Meadow. Their is an epic wall of noise just before the 3 minute mark, before the track mellows out with Morgan Anothony's rasping vocals. Catch them when they support fellow rockers Wolf n Cub this October.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Claws & Organs - Super Ordinary

Reckless and ready to kick some nerd butt, Melbourne punk brats Claws & Organs dropped their debut EP, 'Nothing To Learn' back in May, The EP was recorded during a sweaty summer session in the upstairs band room of the John Curtin Hotel by 8 Bit Love frontman and engineer extraordinaire Vito Lucarelli. 'Super Ordinary' is full of live energy and has a slacker 90's vibe about it. The band are playing a string of shows in their home town and Sydney over the next couple months. You can also download the EP from their Bandcamp for $0. 

Thursday 19 September | Laundry Bar, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 24 October | Empress Hotel, Melbourne VIC
Friday 25 October | Workers Club, Melbourne VIC
Thursday 14 November | FBi Social, Sydney NSW
Friday 15 November | Spectrum, Sydney NSW

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

All The Colours - Shame

Melbourne based band All The Colours define themselves as progressive-vintage pop and I have to agree, there is an element of sophistication to their music. They have a new single out now called 'Shame' it's a nice mix of pop, blues and straight up rock'n'roll but it didn't really do it for me, so I looked deeper and found '...And The Earth Stood Still', now here is a song worthy of praise! Instrumentally prolific and it's much better when frontman Josh Heptinstall doesn't sing.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bitch Prefect - Better Next Time

Adelaide/Melbourne lo fi slackers Bitch Prefect have just released their brand new 7” via Bedroom Suck Records, it features tracks 'Adelaide' (below) and a new one called 'Better Next Time'. You can watch the video here or believe me when I tell you that nothing happens in the 4 minutes and 9 seconds. It's a video following a bloke around the streets of Melbourne, singing about dad's drinking problems, going to the races and general life failures. The songs great but if you think the video is humdrum, don't watch it again and go see them live when they play with some of their bratty friends.

MELBOURNE - Fri 14 SEPT | The John Curtin Hotel w/ Constant Mongrel + Justin K. Fuller 
SYDNEY- Fri 27 SEPT | Petersham Bowls Club w/ Housewives + Destiny 3000

Monday, September 2, 2013

Ali Barter - Run You Down

Melbourne Singer/producer Ali Barter, constructs something special on her single 'Run You Down'. It starts off kinda slow and as each instrumental layer is added, turns into something quite melodic and beautiful. It's smart pop and has an art aesthetic that is well thought out, just check out her video and the above artwork. You can purchase her EP here.