Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day Ravies - I Don't Mind

Floating along somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and The Go Betweens, Sydney's lofi shoegaze darlings Day Ravies are back with their 2nd single 'I Don't Mind' of their  debut LP 'Tussle'. (Out October 11 on Popfrenzy Records). Check out  their homemade video for 'I Don't Mind' here, plenty of hazy fruit and good times. 

Sun, Aug 11 | Midnight Special, Sydney, NSW, single launch 
Thurs, Aug 22 | Grace Darling, Melbourne, VIC w/Parading, Footy + Melbourne Cans
Fri, Aug 23 | The Tote, Melbourne, VIC w/Lowtide, The Stevens + Zone Out
Fri, Aug 30 | Petersham Bowling Club, Sydney, NSW w/Lowtide, East River + Black Springs

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