Thursday, July 11, 2013

Violent Soho - In The Aisle

Cargo pants, Airwalks, redskins, nintendo 64 and long summer nights when you would hang out way past dinner time at the local skate park, these nostalgic memories run riot when I listen to 'In The Aisle' the first single to be taken from Violent Soho's forthcoming LP 'Hungry Ghost'. Like Green Day, Bad Religion and Offspring, bands I'd listen to growing up, this track is about the good times. It's raw slacker punk attitude is just what the Australian music scene needs. 'Hungry Ghost' is out September 6, 2013 through I OH YOU.

Wednesday, Aug 14 | Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w Bearhug 
Thursday, Aug 15 | Liberty Social, Melbourne w Damn Terran 
Friday, Aug 16 | Crowbar, Brisbane w Roku Music & Postblue

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  1. These guys just keep getting better and better... their newest video for Covered in Chrome (whatta track!) made our Vid O' The Week over at Happy!!!!!


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