Monday, October 9, 2017

High Tropics - Better Days

I'm a sucker for tunes like these. What's not to love? the beat, the guitar, the cool vocals. High Tropics tick all the nostalgic indie boxes with their latest single 'Better Days'

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sun Sap - Miss Behind

Who is Miss Behind? She is just a bit slow/behind the 8 ball? Maybe she is always creeping behind you at gigs? or is it because her behind is something to mention? We really can't speculate. But one thing we do know, is that south-coast rock'n'roll six-piece Sun Sap know how to write a good tune. The harmonics, the swagger, the flow. This song keeps on rolling. Hit repeat and then some. You can check out their new video here and see them in the flesh below.


Wed 4 Oct – Rad, Wollongong w/ Julia Why?
Sat 14 Oct – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney w/ The Owls
Fri 27 Oct – Rad, Wollongong w/ The Ruiins
Thu 9 Nov – Rad, Wollongong w/ Heart Beach

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wireheads - Indian Pacific Express

The new single 'Indian Pacific Express' from Adelaide's country-space-junk collective Wireheads could have been named after a Wes Anderson film or even a hipster beer brewed in the Inner west but maybe I'm over thinking it? It's a damn catchy slice of garage pop. If you are a fan of Spaceman 3, BJM and the likes then Wireheads are for you. Their new LP 'Lightning Ears' is out October 20 through Tenth Court.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lowtide - Alibi

Transfixed, transported, delighted. Take a break and spend the next 4 minutes mesmerised with the new single 'Alibi' from Melbourne 4 piece Lowtide. Sweet lulls & relaxation guaranteed.*


FRI 25 AUG - Northcote Social Club, Melbourne w/ No Sister & The Great Outdoors

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sloan Peterson - Rats

I remember when this lass used to play in a lofi garage outfit called Black Zeros. Those were the days. DIY 4 LYF. Fast track a couple of years and Joe Jackson plays under the moniker, Sloan Peterson. Really Joe? Sloan Peterson. What's wrong with Joe Jackson!? Anyway, enough about the name, more about the music. 'Rats' is her first single to be released from her debut EP. It's pop, it's rock, it's a little garage and it's got soul. Admit it. It's catchy. Catchy as hell.